A First-of-its-kind Micro-school for Playgroup to Grade 8

Opportunity for Educators

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Opportunity for Educators

The purpose of the meeting is to provide a platform for open communication and collaboration between all team members.
Agenda for Team Meeting – Guest Coming in for Yoga
  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Introduction of New Joinee (Introduce yourself by any Hollywood or Bollywood film dialogue)
  3. Introduction to Yoga Guest
Your participation in this meeting is greatly appreciated. In case you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform me in advance.
I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting and having a productive discussion..

Topic: Team Meeting-Dreamtime Learning

Here are some key aspects of the online home school concept in India.

1. Flexibility and Convenience: Online home schools provide the advantage of studying at one’s own pace and in a manner that is accessible from any part of the world, all at the click of a button, with an internet connection. It’s hybrid schooling!
2. Personalized Learning: Digital tools and platforms allow for personalized learning experiences for each student, enabling them to take assessments and receive feedback, as well as providing learning content that is tailored to their individual needs and learning styles.
3. Access to Quality Education: Online home schools bridge the gap between access to quality education for those who may not be able to attend traditional schools or may not have the means to do so.
4. Cost-Effectiveness: Online home schools are a cost-effective option when it comes to tuition fees, eliminating additional expenses like transportation, uniforms, and textbooks.
5. Diverse Course Offerings: Online home schools offer a vast range of courses and programs, including vocational courses, skill-based training, and specialized courses that may not be available in traditional schools.
Online schooling is revolutionizing the educational landscape of the country, granting access to quality instruction to a broader range of students and creating a plethora of avenues for learning and honing skills. This revolutionary concept has far-reaching implications in the nation, helping to bridge the educational inequality that currently exists and providing individuals with the chance to enhance their knowledge and capabilities.

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Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
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