A First-of-its-kind Micro-school for Playgroup to Grade 8

Our Founder

Lina Ashar

Lina Ashar

Author and TEDx speaker

Lina is passionate about children, learning, peace, happiness, self-mastery, creating a world of abundance, and questioning the status quo. She knows it is the right time to re-disrupt learning, education, and schools
Sudhir Chandra

Sudhir Goenka

Board Member - Goenka Global Education

“ The important thing is not that we teach the child but that we spark in him the desire to want to know ! ”

The above quote quite rightly sums up our education philosophy! We firmly believe that a good School not only prepares a child for formal schooling but also shapes up a winning attitude that is indispensable for success in all aspects of life. We offer innovative and refreshing new approach to education that combines contemporary learning techniques and principles with a balance of personal development, spiritual growth and physical challenge. At Goenka Global Education, our young minds are exposed to an integrated curriculum that focuses on their linguistic, cognitive, emotional, physical development through innovatively conceived teaching methodology. We believe that the fundamental purpose of education is to encourage the children to bring about a positive modification in their behaviour as they ascend the ladder of learning and knowledge. There are some many challenges as we take on the task of providing the very best for our students. Among these issues are maintaining and providing for exceptional staff at all levels of service to our students.

We provide current, creative and appropriate programs and facilities that support student achievement and wellbeing. Our dedicated team of teachers invent and introduce interesting, appealing and effective teaching aids and instructional material resulting in much superior, positive, confident, cultured and intelligent children than their counterparts. We as educators always strive to make our students alive to the needs of the environment, sensitizing them to their responsibility in this regard. It is our sincere endeavour to incorporate students from varied social backgrounds, bringing them together in education and strongly encourage our parents to become active in the school community and help us grow our children into valuable and contributing members of our society.

We will be better prepared for life , if we learn ONE NEW thing everyday !

Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
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