A First-of-its-kind Micro-school for Playgroup to Grade 8

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“Dreamtime Learning Hub is collaborative, outdoor oriented, tech enabled, creation focussed, flexible micro-school powered by hyper personalised curriculum (designed for 3 years to 16 years olds) where learners are grouped based on ability and interest rather than grade”. The Dreamtime Learning curriculum focusses on self – awareness – regulation – mastery. In other words, ‘thought learning’ rather than ‘taught learning’.
A leadership team with over 200 years of collective adventure in reforming learning experiences globally.

The DREAMTIMERS – Ms Lina Ashar Ms. Lina Ashar – “Lina is passionate about children, learning, peace, happiness, self-mastery, creating a world of abundance, and questioning the status quo. She knows it is the right time to re-disrupt learning, education, and schools.
Our Daily Rhythm is designed as a container for learning, offering flexibility to continue exploring a subject if students are feeling inspired, or to take a pause and recalibrate their minds and bodies if need be. In addition to an hour of dedicated time in workshops and studios, any and all parts of the daily rhythm may take place in nature. We allow our learners ample opportunity to spend time in the natural and techno environments and in community areas outside of the four walls of classrooms.
  • Carpentry zone
  • Cooking zone
  • Animal rearing
  • Sensory zone
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Science park
  • 3D printing and Immersive Tech Zone
  • Maker’s Space
The learners will have the autonomy, agency, voice and choice to take Cambridge Checkpoint assessments or NIOS assessments to benchmark their learning to global standards.
Personalised learning is a teaching approach that tailors educational content and experiences to the individual needs, abilities, and interests of the learner. It allows them to progress at their own pace and take ownership of their own learning, rather than following a one-size-fits-all curriculum.
An Individual learning plan will be created for every learner at the time of enrolment. Parent, learner and the Dreamtime team will co-create a hyper-personalised plan to ensure an exciting learning exploration journey for self-mastery while meeting academic outcomes in a supportive and encouraging environment. Instead of grade bifurcations, ability based selection of subjects from across age groups will lead to a customised schedule crafted for each child.
The instructional design team is led by Ms Lina Ashar (in.linkedin.com/in/linaashar) a pioneer in the education space for the last 25+ years as well as Divya Punjabi (www.linkedin.com/in/divya-punjabi-6594339).
Parents today are painfully aware that the traditional academic world of endlessly-repeated lectures, note-taking, homework, rote memorization, standardized testing, grading, sorting, and ranking, may not be adequately preparing their children for a successful and happy future, much less helping them develop their talents to their full potential. Yesterday’s jobs are being automated away at an ever-increasing rate, leading to astounding uncertainty for our children’s future. The 21st century needs and rewards resourceful entrepreneurs, innovative designers, creative problem solvers, independent critical thinkers, insightful analyzers, productive project managers, persuasive communicators, imaginative storytellers, inspiring leaders, socially-adept collaborators, conscientious citizens, resilient risk-takers, curious explorers, diligent researchers, and passionate self-motivated go-getters…yet these traits are routinely quashed in the traditional school setting. Dreamtime Learning Hub will close the gap between the world’s demands and our educational system’s supply.
Our Maker’s space is a creative studio and workshop, where mixed age learners come together to generate new ideas and engage in hands-on projects. Making and breaking makes learning relevant and application oriented which is not available in a conventional school setting. The focus is on interdisciplinary subjects such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) to foster a culture of innovation, exploration, and ongoing learning through both digital and physical formats. Our goal is to empower learners by providing them with the resources, tools, knowledge, space, and community they need to become problem-solvers and make a positive impact on the world. Some examples of activities that are held in our fully equipped, thoughtfully designed studios and workshops at the HUB include:
  • Building and programming robots
  • Designing and 3D printing objects
  • Creating and recording music
  • Designing and creating websites
  • Crafting and sewing projects
  • Woodworking and metalworking
  • Electronics and circuit building
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Creating, recording and editing videos
There is no defined grade for any learner. The program is divided into 3 segments – Foundation Fantasy, Elementary Utopia, and Middle Years Cosmos keeping in view the developmental milestone of learners at every stage. Within the segment, a personalized learning plan will be carved out for each child from across subject domains and age levels based on ability. Mixed age group interest-based and real-life problem-solving projects also provide opportunities for cross-age collaboration that is shown to be beneficial to all children.

Foundation Fantasy (3 years to 6 years)

Elementary Utopia (6 years to 11 years)

Cosmic Middle Years (11 years to 13 years)

The Foundation Fantasy Program is divided into 3 sub programs
3yrs – 4yrs
4yrs – 5yrs
At Dreamtime Learning, we follow a play, activity and inquiry-based Foundation Fantasy Program that is comprehensive, flexible and embraces the nature and outdoor based learning process. Our curriculum allows us to consider the child’s response as a cue to what to do next. Children choose activities based on their interests during the time allocated for choice and self-directed sessions. The instructional design achieves curricular goals based on the domains of child development –
  • Inquire and discover, Explore, process and problem solve, Connect to the World (Cognitive Development);
  • Communicate (Language and Literacy Development);
  • Think and express creatively (Aesthetic and Cultural Development) and
  • Understand self, others (Socio-emotional and ethical Development) and my body (Physical Development).
The Elementary Utopia Program is further divided into group 1 (6-8) yrs and group 2 (8 to 11 yrs).
Group 1
6yrs – 7yrs
7yrs – 8yrs
Group 2
8yrs – 9yrs
9yrs – 10yrs
10yrs – 11yrs
The rhythm is designed around the Individual learning plan for every learner. The schedule is custom-made for the child to engage in all required subjects across the age groups as well as social emotional and physical wellness in equal measure. For example your child can be an Adventurer in Math, a Creator in Arts, An Avatar in Language and an Incredible in Sciences. The Choice and self-directed sessions give them flexibility to expand on their area of interest while the Maker’s space provides opportunities for hands-on creation
The Cosmic Middle Years Program is divided into 2 sub programs
11yrs – 12yrs
12yrs – 13yrs
Having developed the character needed to thrive in a diverse and ever-evolving society, these young visionaries want to make a difference, and that’s why we support their ability to make a real difference. By the time eighth graders walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, they have not only acquired the academic skills necessary to meet the challenges Assessments, but they are also committed to making the world a better and more just place. Every aspect of our program is specifically designed in accordance to the Individual Learning plans across subjects and age within this segment. The interdisciplinary curriculum encourages learners to embrace the adaptable entrepreneurial spirit needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world. Learners practice key communication skills by developing strong interpersonal relationships and mastering purposefully selected technology tools, enabling them to become self-directed learners who apply critical thinking.

Our emphasis is on the quality of the learning coaches and learning experience design. We hire the most qualified learning coaches available on the market and seek to retain them through competitive salaries and benefits. Another advantage of our small size is that we do not require the same number of teachers as a big school. Every hire for us (just like every child) is a special one, as teachers within the community wear multiple hats and play several roles.

The learning coach will go through experiential training where Dreamtime Learning Hub trainers and curriculum designers will train them on how to conduct a session and make the session interactive. The learning coach will be trained in implementing the Dreamtime Learning System.
Our technology-supported pedagogy is innovative, and grounded in research, of how a learner best learns, interacts, and thinks of ideas. The focus is on learners creating something new from what has been actively learned. The best theories in what leads to deep learning and innovative thinking underpins our methodology. The learning framework also develops thinking habits and skills that excite learners to become everything they are capable of becoming. Our Readers are designed to create intrigue in the learner and make learning fun and interesting where each learner learns according to their individual interest, talent and skills. The learning outcomes are mapped to the age of a learner benchmarking Cambridge Assessment International Education.
The device has to be sourced by the learner. A Tablet or a Laptop with the following specifications: OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only), Processor: Intel Core i5-2400s @ 2.5 GHz or AMD FX-6100 @ 3.3 GHz or equivalent, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD HD 7870 (2GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or better.
Our LMS platform is designed to make our curriculum interactive and experiential for the learner, parent and learning coach. Our learners will discover innovative ways to engage with the help of the LMS. The LMS facilitates full inclusion and equitable access for all learners, it also helps us improve communication between parents and our learning coaches.

Hub Timings & Terms

Foundation Fantasy
9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Elementary Utopia
Group 1 – 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Elementary Utopia
Group 2 – 9.00 am to 2.30 pm

Cosmic Middle years
9.00 am to 2.30 pm


Each batch will consist of no more than 15 learners

The school academic year starts in June and ends in April.
Transport will be offered at an additional cost
Meals can be provided to the children at an additional cost
Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
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