A First-of-its-kind Micro-school for Playgroup to Grade 8

Cosmic Middle Years


11yrs - 12yrs


12yrs - 13yrs


13yrs - 14yrs

Having developed the character needed to thrive in a diverse and ever-evolving society, these young visionaries want to make a difference, and that's why we support their ability to make a real difference. By the time eighth graders walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, they have not only acquired the academic skills necessary to meet the challenges Assessments, but they are also committed to making the world a better and more just place. Every aspect of our program is specifically designed in accordance to the Individual Learning plans across subjects and age within this segment. The interdisciplinary curriculum encourages learners to embrace the adaptable entrepreneurial spirit needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world. Learners practice key communication skills by developing strong interpersonal relationships and mastering purposefully selected technology tools, enabling them to become self-directed learners who apply critical thinking.
Segment Cosmic Middle years
Age 10 to 13
Timing 9.00 am to 2.30pm (5 hr and 30 mins)
Individual Curriculum Exploration 4 hours
Maker’s Space 45 minutes
Breaks 30 minutes
Community Cleaning and Closing 10 minutes
Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
Admissions Open for Nursery to Grade 8
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